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How to Enable FREE SSL for your web  ?

  • Free SSL only support hosting a/c setup after Dec 2016
  • Free SSL only support Linux Web Hosting account
  • Free SSL require SNI support (Windows XP ie8 not support. Fixed IP is require if require IE8 support)
  • Free SSL is Self Serivces Item and no technical support provided. 
  • Free SSL only Valid for 90 days and it should automatic renewal or manually renewal/register SSL instruction below


 Login to Web Hosting Control Panel


  After login and click "SSL Certificates" Button



   Default Setting : SSL is currently disabled for this domain.
       You can enable it here --> Please click "here" to enable the SSL Services for your domain


  Check "Secure SSL" box and Save


  Check the box of "Use a symbolic link from private_html to public_html -
      allows for same data in http and https
" --> Save


  Security Notice will prompt-up, Please click "Confirm" to save the setting


  Back to Main Menu and click SSL Certificates again setup the SSL --> 
      a) Select Second Box --> Select "Free & automatic certiciate from Let's Encrypt"
      b) Input your email address on the box
      c) Select "" & "" for SSL record
      d) Please don't select ftp, mail, pop, smtp etc.. record
      e) Goto page bottom area and click "Save"


 Congratulation : If everythig is OK and you will see a successfully message. Your https:// is ready.


 Fail Message : e.g. Cannot Execuit Your Request
     Please contact us if getting fail message and provide us a screen capture of the error.
     FREE SSL Support is Limited due to the Free SSL Certificiate authority is no support for anyone.



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