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If your domain is registered with Network Solutions, please follow this tutorial to guide you through the DNS changes required to activate your  account.

Part I - DNS Modification

 Visit and enter your Customer Login information to log into Account Manager. The "User ID" field was formerly referred to as "Username/Account Number".


 On the Domain Details page, ensure that your domain points to a designated domain name server (DNS) and click 'Edit DNS'.


 On the Edit Domain Name Servers page, click 'Continue' to proceed with DNS changes.

  On the Specify Servers page, enter NS1.ABCHK.NET as primary nameserver 
         and NS2.ABCHK.NET as secondary nameserver  and click 'Continue'.


 On the confirm DNS changes page, click 'Save DNS'.


 On the Name Servers Update page, click 'Go to Account Manager Home'. Your DNS changes will require 24-48 hours to fully propagate and take effect.

 Done, Pls wait 24-48 hours for dns updating



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