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ABCHK Spam Filtering will block ~90% of spam mail.

  • if Enable, spam mail will keep inside WebMail Spam Folder for 7 days only and your Ms Outlook or Outlook Express will not download those spam mail,
  • if Disable, spam mail will mark ***SPAM*** wording on email subject line and let your Ms Outlook or Outlook Express Program download those spam mail

How to enable/disable Spam mail detection ?
1) goto     (example :
2) User Account   : peter
- - Domain Name :
- - Password         : *****
3) after login on bottom area & you can see a message call
- - "Spam Detection ? " (select enable or disable)
4) click Modify User button to update
5) done and exit

if Spam Enable, Spam mail will keep webmail Spam Folder for 7 days only , see below
your outlook will not download Spam mail if spam enable)

if Spam Disable, ***SPAM*** wording will put into your email subject line , see below

Note : no 100% Guarantee Spam filtering, ~0.1% mail will identify mistake,
- - - - - if client found email identify mistake as Spam, pls forward the email souce code
- - - - - send to abchk support email address and we will try tunning our spam systems

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