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如何建立Windows Live Mail for Windows 7?

留意:如果你的Windows 7 無預載Window live mail, 可於 .下載. 當安裝此軟件時,選擇 "Choose the programs you want to install" 然後只選擇 "Mail" 去安裝.



 incoming POP3 server   : mail
 outgoing smtp server     :
 email address               :
 password                      :  *******



開啟Windows Live Mail. 然後按"新增電郵地址".

Figure 1


輸入你需要的電郵地址, 密碼及顯示名稱.留意要選擇 "Manually configure server settings for e-mail account" 再選下一步


輸入 (內送伺服器)埠號碼為110, (外寄伺服器)埠號碼為465.記得選擇我的伺服器需要認証.

POP3 Incoming Server :       Port : 110
POP3 Outgoing Server :     Port : 465
                          Enable : "My outgoing server requires authentication"

IMAP Incoming Server : Port : 143
IMAP Outgoing Server : Port : 465
                         Enable : "My outgoing server requires authentication"

Figure 3



Figure 4


The new email account will be displayed in the left vertical column. Click the Sync button on the horizontal buttons toolbar to send receive email.  See Figure 5

Figure 5


Your mail account is now ready to use...



More Setting... Check or Edit and existing eMail Account

Please uncheck the default option of "leaving a copy of messages on the server". Access the account settings for the email account by right clicking the username and then left clicking properties in the context menu. Select the Advanced tab and deselect the check box "Leave a copy of messages on the server". Click OK to save your changes and exit Advanced Properties. See Figure 6.

  1. Right click on the Email account you want to check and select Properties.

  2. Use the tabs at the top of the properties window to check over the settings for this account

  3. Advanced
    Unless you want to keep a copy of your email messages on our server, you shouldn't need to alter the settings on this tab. Make sure that the Sender Port Numbers, Server Timeouts and Sending sections match the screenshot below

    Figure 6

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