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Using Windows Explorer as an FTP Client

A FTP client is a software that enables you to upload files to your webhost server. If you are using Windows, you don't really need to buy or download any extra FTP client software, because Windows Explorer has built in FTP functionality. In this lesson, we will learn how.

  1. Mouse  --> Right click on the "Start" button and select "Explore".
        vs  Chinese Windows

  2. Enter  or  into the address bar.
    Please see Point 5 if the address bar is not visible)

  3. Enter your ftp username and password when prompted
    ftp login example for web hosting : usename 
    ftp login example for ftp sharing    :


  4. After login successful and yo can see something below and select which folder you wish to go.

    Alternatively, you can drag the entire directory structure from you local disk to the webhost and the directory structure will be maintained.


  5. If you are unable to view the address bar follow the steps below:
    Right click on any grey area of your toolbar. A few options will now be visible.
    Click on "Address Bar".


  6. The address bar will now be found to the right. Drag the address bar to the left, to be able to enter an address. Once this is done, the normal steps (Point 1)  can be followed.

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