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Setting up Windows Mail for Windows Vista



Pls create email address from eMail Contorl Panel and Start setup Windows Mail
     pop3 server :
     smtp server :
     login id         :
     password    : 123456


Windows Start --> Windows Mail


 Tools --> Account




Select eMail Account and click Next


Input your email address and click Next


Input your DIsplay Name and click Next


 Incoming eMail Server¡j¡GPlease select POP3
      incoming POP3 or IMAP Server :
      Outgoing SMTP Server                :
      Must enable "My server requires authentication"
      and click Next


email address : Please input your eMail Address
     Password         : Please input your password



Because email setting still not completed.
     Pls tick Don't donnload eMail at the moment
     click Next and continue the email setting


Click General and double check the information


1. Click Server
      2. Double check the setting again
      3. Make sure "My server requires authentication" is Tick


Click Advance Button
      Outgoing Server -SMTP :
      Incoming Server-POP3  :
      After setting completed, click OK/Confirm save the setting


Click Send/Received downlaod all email from our Provider Server
     (all webmail email will auto delete after email success download to your windows mail)


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