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Setting up Dreamweaver 8 for FTP ?

Pls Make Sure you have following information below start Setup your Dreamweaver.

  • FTP Host Name    :
  • Host Directory       :   public_html/
  • FTP Login ID        :   userID
  • Password              :   ******
  • Default Page        :   index.html

Special Note

  • The Host Directory Information will be Different for Different Server
    example below :
    public_html/                      : Linux Server
    httpdocs/                           : Windows Server
  • Not Sure which Host Directory, pls study the web site email or contact us for details!

   Open up a file in Dreamweaver or select to create a New File
         Select Site | Manage Sites


  Select the name of the site and click Edit


  This will show the site's Local Info


  Select Remote Info.
         The following settings should be entered:

  • Access               : FTP
  • FTP host            :
  • Host directory  : public_html/
  • FTP Login         : username
  • Password          : ********
  • Check the Save box next to password
  • Use passive FTP should be marked

 Click the Test button



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