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Mail Administration -

Login as email administrator default show postmaster on user account

     Enter domain and password then press "Login"

Email Accounts

Press Modify Userbutton on the right of the specific user


    Change Password
 1. Enter New Password           
2. Password again                                    
3. Modify User
4. Log Out

    Modify Email Quota
Quota (MB) - Setup the capacity for the email account you create, you can 
                               only use the available capacity by whole storage minus applied storage
     2. Modify User
     3. Log Out 

     Forwarding Email
1. Routing 
     2. Forward To: (Suggest to Save a Copy as the original receiver won't receive email if not 
     3. Modify User
     4. Log Out

    Vacation Auto Response
1. Tick Send Vacation Auto-Response
     2. Vacation Subject: For example: I will be away from xxx to xxx and resume work on xxx
     3. Vacation Message: Leave more detail
     4. Modify User
     5. Log Out

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