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What is your POP3, SMTP, IMAP Server address ? and which special port support ?

  • Below are the settings that are needed to configure for your email software. e.g. Outlook, Mac Mail, IPhone, Samsung Mobile, etc...
  • You may use your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as your SMTP Server for your outgoing email if necessary
  • Email Login ID : Input FULL email address as username for any email software (eg.
  • Suggest used imap connection for Mobile or Tablet Device
  • Suggest used SSL Setting for any device for better email security 


POP3, SMTP, IMAP Information with SSL Support (RECOMMAND)
This Part required  used as Server name

  Server Name              Port number   SSL Port Number      SSL      enable smtp
POP3 incoming server 110 or 1100 995  
SMTP Outgoing server 465 or 1465 225 or 2025
IMAP incoming server 143 993  
Webmail Server        


POP3, SMTP, IMAP information
This Part Server name used your domain name.

  Server Name                                    Port number   enable smtp
POP3 incoming server 110 or 1100  
SMTP Outgoing server 465 or 1465
IMAP incoming server 143  



Question : Why I cannot used my domain name for the SSL setting
Answer    : As use SSL need e-certificate and not a lot of company will have this certificate, so need to use for SSL setting

Question : What is different between POP3 and IMAP ?
Answer   : POP3 will download all email to your device and removed from our Webmail
                   IMAP is Store all email from our server


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