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How to Enable FREE SSL for your web  ?

  • Free SSL only support hosting a/c setup after Dec 2016
  • Free SSL only support Linux Web Hosting account
  • Free SSL require SNI support (Windows XP ie8 not support. Fixed IP is require if require IE8 support)
  • Free SSL only support the site hosting with our server IP. Pls make sure and record is pointing to our server
  • Free SSL only Valid for 90 days and system will tries to renew certs 30 days prior to their expiration date or client can manually renewal SSL instruction below (just re-issue the certificate again)


 Login to Web Hosting Control Panel


  After login and click "SSL Certificates" Button



   Default Setting : SSL is currently disabled for this domain.
       You can enable it here --> Please click "here" to enable the SSL Services for your domain


  Check "Secure SSL" box and Save


  Check the box of "Use a symbolic link from private_html to public_html -
      allows for same data in http and https
" --> Save


  Security Notice will prompt-up, Please click "Confirm" to save the setting


  Back to Main Menu and click SSL Certificates again setup the SSL --> 
      a) Select Second Box --> Select "Free & automatic certiciate from Let's Encrypt"
      b) Input your email address on the box
      c) Select "" & "" for SSL record
      d) Please don't select ftp, mail, pop, smtp etc.. record
      e) Goto page bottom area and click "Save"


 Congratulation : If everythig is OK and you will see a successfully message. Your https:// is ready.


 Fail Message : e.g. Cannot Execuit Your Request
     Please contact us if getting fail message and provide us a screen capture of the error.
     FREE SSL Support is Limited due to the Free SSL Certificiate authority is no support for anyone.



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