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How to Setting Apple Mail for Mac OSX 10.15 (Catalina) ?

Before setup your Apple Mail and make sure you have information below

Incoming pop3 server :  
Incoming imap server :  
Outgoing smtp server : SSL Port : 2025
eMail address :  
Password :  **********  



Step 1 : Apple Mail > Add Account




Step 2: Select  Account Type

Select Other Mail Account... and click Continue


Step 3: Add a Mail Account

Input information below

  • Name                : Enter the name you would like to appear on the messages you send
  • Email Address : the email address you are configuring
  • Password         : ************

Click the Sign In button to Continue





Step 4: Lookup Fails above and Input Server settings below :

If the mail settings lookup fails and you get an “Unable to verify account name or password” notification, enter the settings below:
If you wish setup POP3 Connection, please select Type = POP3
If you wish setup IMAP Connection,  please select Type = IMAP

  • Email Address            : Enter your complete email address
  • User Name                  : Enter your complete email address again
  • Password                    : ************
  • Account Type             : POP
  • Incoming Mail server
  • Outgoing Mail server

Click the Sign In button to Continue

The account will be created, and any messages in your Webmail Inbox will be downloaded. You may need to quit and restart the application, if downloading does not start at this point.



Incoming setting is completed.
NEXT STEP is setting up SMTP for your email.



Step 5: Setting up SMTP  : Select Mail > Preferences





Step 6: Setting up SMTP  : Account Listed details Page:

BIG ICON Menu bar > Click Accounts and then select the account that you want to manage (e.g. Peter Chan)

Peter Chan > Server Settings

Under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP),

  • User Name     :
  • Password        : *******
  • Host Name      :
  •                          uncheck the "Automatically manage connection settings" check box.
  • Port                 : 2025                          (We support SSL Port : 2025 or 225)
  • User TLS/SSL : Enable 
  • Authentication : Password

Click Save wait for Mail to verify the server settings, then close Mail preferences.​




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