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1.0 Email Administration menu introduction

Admin user

1.01How to add new email account

1.02How to delete email account

1.03How to change email password / Quota / Forward / Vacation

1.04How to add White list and Black list setting?

1.05How to enable/disable Spam Detection ?

1.06How to enable/disable Greylisting ?

1.07How to Setup Email Forwarding ? 




1.05How to use webmail to check email?

1.06How to change webmail language and password at webmail?

1.07How to set up vacation massage and forwarding?

1.08How to set up signature in webmail?

1.09How to do the server setting?

2.0. Outlook setting

2.01.1Microsoft Outlook 2002 / 2003--POP3 setting

2.01.2Microsoft Outlook 2002 / 2003--IMAP setting

2.02.1Microsoft Outlook 2007--POP3 setting

2.02.2Microsoft Outlook 2007--IMAP setting

2.03.1Microsoft Outlook 2010--POP3 setting

2.03.2Microsoft Outlook 2010--IMAP setting

2.04.1Window Vista: Windows Mail--POP3 setting

2.04.2Window Vista: Windows Mail--IMAP setting

2.05.1Window 7: Setting up Window Live Mail--POP3 Setting

2.05.2Window 7: Setting up Window Live Mail--IMAP Setting

2.06.1Foxmail--POP3 setting

2.06.2Foxmail--IMAP setting

2.07.1Thunderbird -- POP3 Setting

2.07.2Thunderbird -- IMAP Setting

2.08 Window 8: Email Setting--IMAP Setting

2.09.1 Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2016 --POP3 Setting

2.09.2 Microsoft Outlook 2013 / 2016 --IMAP Setting

2.10.1 Windows 10 -- POP3 Setting

2.10.2 Windows 10 -- IMAP Setting

2.10.3 Windows 10 How to edit Incoming and Outgoing mail server

2.11.1 Microsoft Outlook 2019 --POP3 Setting 

2.11.2 Microsoft Outlook 2019 --IMAP Setting 

3.0. Apple Mail setting

3.01Apple Mac Mail -- POP3/IMAP For OSX 10.15 Catalina


3.03Microsoft outlook 2011 for Mac

3.04Microsoft outlook 2016 for Mac

4.0. Tablet Email account setting

4.01Android Tablet

4.02Apple Tablet(Ipad)

5.0. Smart Phone email account setting

5.01 Android Phone(eg. Samsung / Sony/ LG/ HTC)

5.02 How to Setup email Account on iPhone/iPad 

5.03 iPhone Setting : SSL Enable/Disable Mode information 

5.04 K9 mail

5.05 Windows Phone

6.0. What is Exchange ActiveSync(EAS), CalDAV and CardDAV (Beta version)

6.01What is Exchange ActiveSync (Eas), CalDAV and CardDAV ?

6.02Caledar sharing between Ms Outlook, Mobile or Mac using CalDAV? (FREE services)

6.03Calenar sharing between Ms Outlook and Mobile Phone using EAS? (PAID services)

7.0. Other information

7.01SSL For people who have problem to using email in mainland china

7.02Email setting--what is pop3, smtp, imap server setting and port number ?

7.03If you have any other outlook problem, please click here to search


 Mail Server Information

  • pop3 server             :      (Support port 110, special port 1100 and 995-SSL)
  • smtp server             :    (Support port 465 and 2025-SSL) (port 25 NOT support)
                                                                        (request enable smtp authentication)
  • Web Mail server      :
  • login id                   :
  • password                : *********


IF Client Check eMail Having Problem from China. Pls Click Here for More Solutions. 



E-Mail Administration Menu = Email Manager
(add/modify/remove all email account,
aliased email, forward email, set vacation, autoreply,
chang any user password, check all user quota )
e-Mail Admin Web please click here

User Account

Domain Name
password xxxxxx
Single User e-Mail Admin
(forward, vacation, change password, check my quota)
e-Mail Admin Web please click here

User Account

Domain Name
password xxxxxx
Note :
  • Default each email is 200Mb Storage,
  • Scanning Virus for all incoming email,
  • Support authorize smtp services, (details)
  • Spamming or Junk Mail Not Allow,
Email Setting for Outlook Express or Ms Outlook

(POP3 Server)
Outgoing Mail Server
(SMTP Server)
your ISP smtp server
user id / login
password xxxxxx
Email Setting for Netscape E-Mail

(POP3 Server)
Outgoing Mail Server
(SMTP Server)
your ISP smtp server
user id / login
password xxxxxx
Web Based Email Login
Web Site
Password xxxxxxx


Spamming and Junk Mail NOT Allow.





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SPAMMING or Mass Mailling not Allow

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