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Error Code Definition

Folders.dbx file attributes may be wrong or damaged


If you had set the personal folders (. Pst) and offline folder (. Ost) file size limit in less than 2 GB

The problem of email sending error will occurs, but you will not receive an error message stating that the reason。

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest version of Microsoft Office XP Service Pack. Additional details, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article


Some error messages are not in this table

It will not affect the correctness of this table, end users will encounter the error codes are included in this table
(1) Restart Outlook is fine


SMTP Error:
About 0x80042109, 0x8004210b error code:

Mostly wrong SMTP setting such as using irrelevant smtp

Or SMTP authentication does not required but has set (vice versa)

Antivirus software for e-mail scanning interference caused by an error

About the SMTP server address settings, please refer to your Email service provider

0x800CCC00 Authentication is not loaded
0x800CCC01 Certification (Certificate) content errors
0x800CCC02 Certification (Certificate) Date Error
0x800CCC03 The user is connected
0x800CCC05 Not connected to the server
0x800CCC0A Email download unfinished
0x800CCC0B Server Busy

Host not found (check your SMTP server setting it can also be server problem)

For example, Mail Server is not boot or down

You can change SMTP to 465


Connection to the server failed, could not establish a connection with the host

Possible the host is down for maintenance, or network connection quality is not good, shut down the server,
mail server has not been started, etc.

Try again later

If your antivirus software have similar "Email Protection" functions

Recommend that you turn off "E-mail protection" then try again

From experience that, sometimes because antivirus software "Email Protection" interference,
will produce the situation can not send and receive mail.

You can change SMTP to 465


Timeout- Check internet connection ?

End server connection

Server overload, network traffic congestion

You can try to increase your connection timed out waiting time or look for a better connection quality of ISP

0x80042108 If you see the error is 0x80042108, it is almost effect by anti virus software,
because all the anti virus software will have a email scanning function for
pop3, so you should disable it and try again.
If it still can not receive, you can try to below pop3 setting
pop3: (port 1100)
but we suggest you should disable the email scanning function first.

When your mail server requires both Secure Sockets Layer security (SSL)

and "Secure Password Authentication" (SPA) therefore this problem occurs

This problem has been fixed in Office XP Service Pack 3

To resolve this problem, obtain the latest version of Microsoft Office XP Service Pack

For more information, please visit the below MS website to obtain the latest Office XP service pack

0x800CCC10 Server cannot recognize this email address
0x800CCC11 Server cannot recongize the mailing list
0x800CCC12 Cannot deliver Winsock request
0x800CCC13 Cannot receive Winsock reply
0x800CCC14 Cannot initialize Winsock
0x800CCC15 Cannot open Windows Socket
0x800CCC16 User account cannot be recognize
0x800CCC17 User stop operation

Login fail
(Example: Authentication is not required but set)
Wrongly select of [using Secure Password Authentication]

0x800CCC19 Connection time out
0x800CCC1A Cannot connect by using SSL

A corrupt Inbox or folder size over 2GB

Winsock Error  
0x800CCC40 Network subsystem unavailable
0x800CCC41 Windows Sockets is not support this program
0x800CCC43 Bad address
0x800CCC44 Windows Sockets cannot load
0x800CCC45 Operation now in progress
SMTP Error  
0x800CCC60 Invalid response
0x800CCC61 Unknown error code
0x800CCC62 Syntax error
0x800CCC63 Syntax parameter is incorrect
0x800CCC64 Incomplete command
0x800CCC65 Incorrect command sequence
0x800CCC66 Command Incomplete
0x800CCC67 No such command, diasable avast
0x800CCC68 Mailbox is locked or busy
0x800CCC69 E-mail address not found
0x800CCC6A Error handling requirements
0x800CCC6B Mailbox is not on this server
0x800CCC6C No space to store e-mail
0x800CCC6D Exceeded storage limit
0x800CCC6E Invalid mailbox name
0x800CCC6F Transaction error, the server may not accept your mail, please contact with your ISP
0x800CCC78 Unknown senders, or mail reply (reply-to) address is incorrect, or need identity authentication (SMTP authentication is required). Tick my server authentication

1.Recipient address error and can not send a letter
2.Sender address is incorrect, you can not send a letter
3.Sender e-mail address setting is incomplete and can not send a letter. Outgoing server in wrong setting.

(1) Please set the outgoing server to
(2)  Or set the outgoing server to your network (ISP) provider

0x800CCC7A The sender address is not specified
0x800CCC7B The recipient address is not specified
POP3 Error  
0x800CCC90 Mail server login error, check whether you are authorize or not to use this server's privileges. Or: No secure password authentication login, but set a secure password authentication login
0x800CCC91 Incorrect user name or can not be found
0x800CCC92 Incorrect user name or password
0x800CCC93 Unknown response
0x800CCC94 Instruction need
0x800CCC95 E-mail is no longer on the server
0x800CCC96 No messages marked for download
0x800CCC97 Message ID out of range
NNTP Error  
0x800CCCA0 News server response error, you may not have permission to use the server
0x800CCCA1 Failed to read newsgroups
0x800CCCA2 The server mailing list request fails
0x800CCCA3 The list can not be displayed
0x800CCCA4 Unable to open the group
0x800CCCA5 No such group on server
0x800CCCA6 Mail not on the server
0x800CCCA7 E-mail title cannot be found
0x800CCCA8 E-mail content cannot be found
0x800CCCA9 Can not be published to the server
0x800CCCAA Unable to open the next message
0x800CCCAB Date can not be displayed
0x800CCCAC The title can not be displayed
0x800CCCAD MIME header can not be displayed
0x800CCCAE User name or password is incorrect
RAS Error  
0x800CCCC2 Dial-Up Networking is not installed
0x800CCCC3 No dial-up networking
0x800CCCC4 Dial-Up Networking Error
0x800CCCC5 Connectoid corrupt or missing
0x800CCCC6 Dial-Up setting error
IMAP Error  
0x800CCCD1 Login failed
0x800CCCD2 Message tagged
0x800CCCD3 Invalid response to request.
0x800CCCD4 Syntax Error
0x800CCCD5 Not IMAP server
0x800CCCD6 Buffer exceeded Limit
0x800CCCD7 Recovery error
0x800CCCD8 Incomplete data
0x800CCCD9 Connection refused
0x800CCCDA Unknown response
0x800CCCDB User ID already changed
0x800CCCDC User ID command failed
0x800CCCDD Unexpected disconnect
0x800CCCDE Invalid server state
0x800CCCDF Usually the result of Microsoft Windows system corruption
0x8004DF0B Re-subscribe all folder is okay.
0x800420c8 Restart outlook is okay
E-mail sent but the other party has not received ? [Possible Cause]
(1) Incorrect recipient address
(2) E-mail goes to either junk or spam folder by recipient
(1) Please confirm the mailing address with recipient
(2) Suggest recipient to check other mail folders
(3) Please Provide the detail of sender, recipient address and Sent Time E-mail inquiries to
Expecting an important e-mail which have been sent, but I had never received ?

[Possible Cause]
(1) wrong e-mail address
(2) E-mail goes to either junk or spam folder
(3) Email was download onto other PC
(1)Please confirm your e-mail address with sender
(2)Please check "Mailbox Information" to see if exceeds the maximum capacity limit
(3)Please look for other mail folders
(4)Check "Mail Filtering" to see if the system misidentified as spam
(5)If you have received e-mail on other computers , letters may be left on another computer
(6)Please Provide the detail of sender, recipient address and Sent Time E-mail inquiries to

0x80040600 When you try to read, delete e-mail or click [Send / Receive], you receive the following error message: "An unknown error occurred" or "e-mail system caused an unknown error."

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