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You need to create the database and its user in PLESK control panel.

(1) Service --> Databases

 (2) Add New Database --> Click the database name that you want to add a user.

(3) Click Add New Dateabase --> type the required name and password.

(4) To administrate you database such as creating table or viewing the data.

You may go to , enter your database userid and password

(5)Click the database name in the left hand side to show all the availiable functions.

( 6 ) if you want to directly connect to our mssql server , you may download sql server management studio from Microsoft Web Site

 ( 7 ) To directly connect to our server you need a fixed ip address that allow your local pc to connect to our mssql server. Please send an email to . Write down your domain name and fixed ip. We will allow your connection as soon as possible.



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